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Security Tokens

Security tokens are securities with an electronic wrapper. Once something is electronic, it’s easier, faster and cheaper to utilise. Security token offering is a new model of financing which enables more liquidity, international investors and reduces costs.

You can tokenise company equity or a non-equity type of securities (debt instruments). The same rules and regulations apply as with traditional securities, which in large part can be enforced by the code. Digitalisation of assets brings down costs for the issuers and enables access for investors for new and exciting investment opportunities.

Why tokenize?


New Investors

Tokenization allows new investors to participate in offerings. It’s easier and more accessible than ever before.



Tokenization can provide liquidity to traditionally illiquid assets. Real estate, company equity, fine art etcetera.



A lot of innovation takes place in blockchain industry. Tokenization of assets is part of the blockchain revolution and new financing models.

What we can do for you...

We help to structure your offering and stay compliant with the EU regulatory framework. Once the offering is structured, we enforce the applicable regulations through technology. Investors go through the AML/KYC process on our platform to be verified and eligible for investments according to the rules of the offering.

Customization of your token features according to your unique business model and regulatory compliance. The token has built-in rules which ensure that only eligible investors can purchase the tokens. Issuers will have a dashboard to monitor the relevant information of the offering.

Our platform partners help you to work out the marketing strategy for the security token offering. Advertising any offering of a security (token) is regulated and should be approached carefully. A notice of an offer and any advertising materials pertaining to the offer shall be submitted to the FSA prior to being made public.


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