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Open Vacancies

Join our team to be part of the future of finance.


We are hiring

  1. Chief Technology Officer
  2. Chief Marketing Officer
  3. Blockchain Developers (2-3)
  4. Java Developers (2)
  5. Lawyer (experience in financial markets) (1)
  1. Working language is English
  2. Remote teams are accepted
  3. We require previous working experience from the applicants
  4. Creative thinking is a must.
  5. We believe in efficient systems and processes and expect the same from all the team members.
  1. Opportunity to be part of the emerging industry.
  2. Competitive salary and revenue share options.
  3. Vibrant team and a massive growth opportunity.
  4. Interesting work with many awesome clients.
  5. Future business partners and new friends for life.

Be with us