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New STOs Launching On Tezos Blockchain

Tokenization of assets has been (as expected) slow to take off. However, there's always something happening, and there seems to be one development to keep an eye…

Mikk April 29, 2020

TokenizEU - Wrapping Up Or What's Next?

As winter is approaching, it’s getting dark and cold here in Estonia. Pretty much how we would describe the current STO market. Not much has changed in the last…

Mikk October 9, 2019

280$ million STO

A German startup Fundament Group launched a 250 million euro ($280 million) tokenized bond offering on the Ethereum blockchain backed by commercial real estate investments…

Mikk August 6, 2019

Planning to Run A Security Token Exchange?

On our Medium channel, we've published a new post about requirements for security token trading platforms. It's extremely important to build those secondary markets,…

Mikk April 22, 2019

Why Invest In Security Tokens?

In our latest blog post on our Medium channel we wrote about reasons of why to invest into security tokens. More precisely, we discuss why would an American investor…

Mikk March 21, 2019

Will we have retail investor market?

In our latest blog post, we discuss why the equity crowdfunding really hasn't taken off, and what may be the reasons for it - and indicate what needs to be done. Read…

Mikk March 13, 2019

The EU Growth Prospectus - Simplifying capital raises for SMEs

In our latest blog post on our Medium channel we've brought out proposals by the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) to simplify public offerings for…

Mikk February 27, 2019

Legal Structure Of Security Token Offerings In The EU

We published an article on our Medium channel on how to structure a security token offering in European Union. We talk about a term called "depositary receipt".…

Mikk February 15, 2019

A hypothetical case of tokenizing a political party with Ravencoin

We've published a blog post on our Medium channel where we talk about tokenizing a political party. Politics is a polarising topic, so it requires extra care if…

Mikk February 6, 2019

tZero security token trading platform goes live

This is fantastic news as we're eagerly waiting for the secondary markets of the security tokens, as it's crucial for the whole industry and adoption. "E-commerce…

Mikk January 27, 2019

TokenizEU Manifesto

As the button on the top right-hand corner may not be visible for the visitors of the website at first, we're using our News Room to highlight the Manifesto we recently…

Mikk January 14, 2019

$3.6m Securities Token Transfer Using Ravencoin Blockchain

Medici Ventures, the leading blockchain accelerator and subsidiary, Inc., has successfully conducted a digital securities token transfer representing…

Mikk December 19, 2018

Prospectus Requirements For STOs in The European Union

We've published an article on our Medium channel (Comistar Global) about the requirements for prospectus, if you're looking to conduct a public offering of securities…

Mikk December 17, 2018


  We published a new blog post on our corporate Medium channel. This time, we talk about the differences between IPOs and STOs. As both are regulated offerings,…

Mikk December 12, 2018

Extauri - fully compliant European security token exchange starts to onboard tokens

Extauri has begun onboarding security tokens in anticipation of their upcoming platform launch.  This process is open to companies that have already completed their…

Mikk December 3, 2018

ICOs, Security Tokens and Public Offerings in the EU

We've published a new post on the security token topic which can be found on our Comistar Medium channel. Crypto industry moves so quickly that it seems like…

Mikk November 28, 2018

Bithumb to create securities token exchange in the US

The security token market is moving forward with a lightning speed, and the incumbents of the crypto industry have no plan to sleep on it. South Korean exchange Bithumb…

Mikk November 6, 2018

Ravencoin - a giant in the making

Our friends at have published a short article on Ravencoin's potential. Will we see Ravencoin becoming one of the main players in the crypto…

Mikk November 5, 2018

TokenizEU & Ravencoin

One of the features of the TokenizEU platform will be issuing security tokens on Ravencoin. We know it may raise some eyebrows as Ravencoin is still relatively…

Mikk November 5, 2018

SEC Launches Fintech Hub

US regulator SEC has launched a fintech hub called FinHub, which is a strategic hub for innovation and financial technology. The hub aims to help blockchain startups…

Mikk October 30, 2018

TokenizEU featured on different blockchain medias

Recently, following the announcement on our Medium channel, several blockchain medias have picked up the news and written about the TokenizEU platform. The media…

Mikk October 16, 2018

Security Token Offering in Estonia?

We've published a blog post on our Medium channel about doing a security token offering in Estonia. Estonia is one of the most digitally advanced countries in the…

Mikk October 9, 2018

Why Tokenize? Difference between the Security and Utility tokens

Security tokens are believed to be a multi-trillion euro opportunity. While ICO has grown to be an important method of raising capital for start-up companies, the…

Mikk October 2, 2018

Paypal And Security Tokens

This week the founders of 0x, an open protocol that underpins token trading, announced an alliance with Harbor, a compliance service for tokens that’s backed…

Mikk September 27, 2018

Bitmain IPO News

Bitmain has filed it's prospectus. However, there are some concerns - Read more here. 

Mikk September 27, 2018

$100m Security Token Offering

Back in May this year, a security token exchange VRBex announced it's STO. Read more about the details by clicking here.

Mikk September 24, 2018

First Bank To Issue Security Tokens

Union Bank AG of Liechtenstein is becoming the first traditional bank to issue security tokens. Union Bank AG is a fully licensed and regulated bank in Lichtenstein,…

Mikk September 24, 2018

Security Token Documentary

Hands down the best documentary and informative overview of security tokens and what potential tokenization holds in terms of liquidity for asset owners and investors…

admin September 17, 2018

Security Token Exchanges?

This article was published at Techcrunch: Insightful overview…

admin September 1, 2018

Security Tokens to watch 2018

This post was published on Folks at have…

admin August 27, 2018

How Tokenized Securities Will Change Traditional Finance

Security tokens, crypto tokens that are backed by assets like equity or commodities, seek to combine the traditional benefits of these types of backed assets with…

Mikk July 27, 2018

Coinbase can soon offer tokenized securities

Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the U.S., announced yesterday that it had acquired Keystone Capital, a financial services firm, in an effort to become…

Mikk July 10, 2018

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