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Policy of service

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to you if you use, have used or have expressed an intention to use TokenizEU Website or Services. This Privacy Policy describes how TokenizEU Processes your Personal Data and applies solely to Personal Data collected by TokenizEU. TokenizEU is responsible for processing your Personal Data. TokenizEU is processing data pursuant to GDPR.

Personal Data means any information which TokenizEU directly relates to you (a legal or natural person or an organization legally engaged in business activities or any other business). In particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, date of birth, contact information, location data, an online identifier etc;

Processing means any operation carried out with Personal Data (collection, recording, storing etc.).

By agreeing to this Agreement or using the Services or the Website, you agree that the TokenizEU will use, disclose and process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy:

1. TokenizEU Terms of Service and present Privacy Policy applies to communication between you and TokenizEU (incl. emails, phone calls, etc.) and to your use of the Website and Services and establishes the policy on which Personal Data will be processed by TokenizEU.

2. TokenizEU may process any information submitted, shared or exchanged to provide the Services. TokenizEU collects information by email, phone calls or by questionnaire or any other means. Some information may also be collected via automatic means, e.g. cookies. TokenizEU may also collect information from third parties. TokenizEU shall do all that is reasonably possible to ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Data that TokenizEU has collected.

3. TokenizEU processes Personal Data only if it has your consent to do so, or if it is necessary for providing you the Services, or TokenizEU has the legitimate interest to do so, or if it is required by applicable legislation.

4. TokenizEU mainly processes data to comply with applicable laws, regulations and instructions, to manage the relationship between TokenizEU and you, to provide additional services, to prevent illegal activities and misuse of the Service and Website, to ensure to quality of the Service and Website, etc.

5. You are required to provide your real name, address, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as other information as required by applicable laws and regulations. You can also choose to fill in additional information. By providing the previously mentioned information you understand and agree to that TokenizEU, will access your Personal Data (including but not limited to mobile phones, electronic mail, etc.) to send you relevant notices and other commercial electronic information to provide you with new services and opportunities. TokenizEU will not share your Personal Data without your previous consent.

6. TokenizEU collects some of the information automatically. Information that is collected automatically is associated with your use of the Services and/or the Website. TokenizEU may collect information (incl. IP address, operating system, browser ID, location, language settings, demographic information, Personal information, and other information about the interaction of you and the Website) about your usage or the Service and/or the Website. TokenizEU may use authorised processors and services provided by third parties to collect and process data.

7. In order to ensure the safety of your use of the Services and the Website and to continuously improve the quality of service, TokenizEU will record and keep
information about your login and use of the Service and the Website, but TokenizEU undertakes not to provide such information to any third party (unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, or other laws and regulations).

8. TokenizEU will keep tight security of all the complete comprehensive statistics regarding identity data of TokenizEU users and will not use and/or disclose them for sale and reward. TokenizEU reserves the right to transmit the Personal Data to law enforcement institutions, state authorities and financial institutions if it should be required to comply with valid laws.

9. TokenizEU only processes your Personal Data on your consent, if there is a legitimate interest to process data or if it is required by valid legislation. In order to provide you with a more efficient service, you agree that TokenizEU shall have the right to provide your registered information which you have furnished to TokenizEU in the course of your registration and use of the Service. At the same time, TokenizEU reserves the right to require you to submit identity information (including but not limited to identity card, bank account book, passports, and other certificates or other documents). Except as otherwise provided in Terms of Service or present Privacy Policy, TokenizEU does not disclose or provide your information to third parties except in the following cases:

a. with your explicit authorization;
b. only to disclose your Personal Data in order to provide you with required products and/or services;
c. disclosure in accordance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy;
d. according to the provisions of applicable laws and regulations;
e. in accordance with the instruction and requirements of applicable laws
and Authorities etc;
f. for the maintenance of TokenizEU legitimate rights and interests;
g. to verify the authenticity of the identity of you or your representative company.

10. Your Personal Data will be processed no longer than necessary. The retention period of your Personal Data may be based on the applicable law (e.g. Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, etc.) or legitimate interest of TokenizEU or agreements signed between you and TokenizEU.

11. Your Personal Data is processed at our offices in Estonia.

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